Athena Swan Self Assessment Team

Melanie Davies

Melanie Davies was appointed Professor of Diabetes Medicine at the University of Leicester in 2006, prior to that she was a full time NHS Consultant from 1996. She is now a Co-Director of the Diabetes Research Centre (established in 2012) and chairs the Athena Swan committee of the centre. Melanie is married with three children aged
15, 17 and 19.

Kamlesh Khunti

Kamlesh Khunti is Co-Director of the Diabetes Research Centre. He joined the University in 1993 as a Clinical Lecturer and was promoted to Professor in 2007. He has supervised and mentored many female graduate students and researchers. His current research group consists of 15 researchers (twelve female and three male) and eight graduate students (three female and five male) and he has encouraged and supported an exemplar of part-time plus flexible working. Kamlesh is married with three children aged 23, 21 and 18 years.

David Webb

David Webb is a Consultant Physician in Diabetes, Endocrinology and General Internal Medicine at the University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust. He was appointed as a full time Senior Lecturer in the new Diabetes Research Unit in 2012 and is involved in the Leicester-Loughborough Biomedical Research Unit. He supervises PhD, Masters, biomedical science undergraduate and medical postgraduate research trainees. Three quarters of students supervised over the past eighteen months have been female and he is actively supporting an application for a Daphne-Jackson Scholarship in 2014.

Charlotte Edwardson

Charlotte Edwardson was appointed Lecturer in Physical Activity, Sedentary Behaviour and Health in April 2013, prior to that she was a Project Manager at the University Hospitals of Leicester and Loughborough University. She is responsible for overseeing research projects, writing and co-ordinating grant applications, writing publications, supervising Research Associates, Administrators and students and is a member of numerous committees within the Diabetes Research Centre.

Laura Gray

Laura Gray has been a Lecturer of Population and Public Health Sciences in the Department of Health Sciences since 2011. She works across two research groups: Biostatistics Group and the Diabetes Research Centre, with an office in both settings. She supports 3 postgraduate programmes, supervises students and is developing her own portfolio of research.

Alison Dunkley

Alison Dunkley is a Nurse Researcher in the Diabetes Research Centre. She joined the University of Leicester in 2002 as a Junior Researcher. Whilst working within the research group, Alison was given the support to undertake a PhD, which she successfully completed in 2011. She now manages a small group of research staff. Alison is also involved with the supervision of postgraduate students and is currently acting Local Postgraduate Tutor.

Tim Skelton

Tim Skelton is one of two Departmental Managers for the Diabetes Research Centre. He provides strategic delivery of the DRC’s business priorities. He facilitated local data collection, contributed to interpretation of data, the written SAT report and AS submission. Tim is a keen cyclist, riding for a local club, and also enjoys climbing with his daughter.

Charlotte Jelleyman

Charlotte Jelleyman joined the LDC in 2013 as a PhD student after two years working and traveling following her MSc. Since moving to Leicester she has settled in well within the Department and built a solid social circle outside work, mostly through the Leicester Triathlon Club. Whilst successfully completing a good quality PhD is her main priority she feels, the LDC provides a friendly and engaging environment to develop both personally and professionally with a host of educational and social events. At home, she has established a platonic relationship with her housemates and developed a functional as well as enjoyable routine. At the weekends she can usually be found exploring the Leicestershire (or wider) countryside on her bike with people she has met through the triathlon club.

Raj Gill

Raj Gill joined the University as an Editorial Assistant in 1999. As an Editorial Assistant Raj provided assistance to the Editor-in-Chief for “Quality & Primary Care Journal”. Raj continued to work as PA to the Head of Department in the Department of Health Sciences and in Sept 2012 commenced a role as PA to HoD and Research Administrator, this is a dual role working for Diabetes Research Centre and College Research & Enterprise Office. Since joining the University, Raj has taken advantage of the University’s flexible working policy and is currently working towards an undergraduate qualification. Raj has worked full time since commencing employment in 1999 and values the University’s flexible working policy.