Get involved in diabetes research

The Leicester Diabetes Centre has a national and international reputation for clinical care underpinned by innovative and world leading clinical research.

The Leicesester Diabetes Centre has run a wide range of research studies that looked at the areas of early detection, prevention, structured education, and new therapies along with teaching and training for both patients and health care professionals. The results of these studies have had an impact on local NHS policies, Department of Health programmes and NICE Guidance.

Why get involved?

Here are some of the positive reasons about getting involved in our research:

  • All research is performed to the highest quality and ethical standards and is routinely monitored
  • You may have access to new education programmes and the best equipment, tests and treatment options available
  • Gain information about your own health and wellbeing
  • Generate Interest in the current research and advancement
  • Help others by contributing to medical research
  • Have a say in local policy and treatments available by sitting on ethics or patient groups
  • Assist in improving patient care in the NHS through clinical research and advances in medical knowledge
  • Most studies will provide travel expenses
  • Some studies offer a compensation or inconvenience fee for your participation