The Leicester Diabetes Risk Score

The Leicester Practice Risk Score is recommended by NICE and used by Diabetes UK for the identification of those at risk of diabetes. The score identifies people who may be at high risk of diabetes or currently have undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes using data on age, sex, BMI, ethnicity, family history of diabetes and anti-hypertensive use. 

Electronic version (for practices)

This software calculates the risk score for all those aged between 18 and 75 years old excluding people with known diabetes, the terminally ill and those coded with gestational diabetes using the data stored within your practices electronic medical records.

The software also analyses any existing OGTT/HbA1c/glucose data as many people will have been screened already and also to identify anyone who may have existing diabetes which has been missed. The software outputs an Excel spreadsheet which enables you to rank those stored within your practice records by risk. This allows you to invite those at greatest risk for screening, for example you could initially invite within the top 10% in your practice.